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Best Labrador Breeders

Breeding Top Quality English Labrador Retrievers

Est. 2011

Best Labrador Breeders

Are you planning to bring a beautiful Labrador puppy home? If yes, it is important to look for the best Labrador breeder in business. Three Bears Labradors is one of the best breeders in the town. You must know that the Labrador breed is synonymous with dependability, loyalty, a big appetite, and cheerfulness. Today, the dogs of this bre​ed are the most popular globally because of their pleasant disposition and their loyalty. They are perfect pets for families, bachelors, and couples. This versatile breed dog is also used as a guide dog, search and rescue, assistance dogs, bomb dog, and medical detection.

Look for the best Labrador breeders and bring a your puppy h​ome today. The specialist breeder will show you diverse generations of a breeding line, helping you make the right choice. When choosing a dog, focus on its temperament rather than its sex. If you want a gundog, avoid buying a show Labrador. Labrador puppies are easily house trained. It takes no mor​e than a couple of weeks to train them for basic things. They are very intelligent.

General Appearance of the Labrador

If you are bringing a companion animal home for the first time it is important for you to have some general knowledge about the appearance of this dog.

These dogs are short-coupled, strongly built, broad skull, very active, deep and broad in ribs and chest, strong and broad over hindquarters and loins.

• Skull and Head- The Labrador breed have a defined stop on their broad skulls. It has chiseled features and looks clean cut with no fleshy cheeks. Their jaws are powerful and medium in length. Wide nostrils and nose are well-developed.

•  Eyes- The eyes of dogs of this breed are very expressive. These are medium size, hazel or brown, and express intelligence.

  Ears - They have medium-sized ears which are neither too heavy nor too large. It hangs close to the head and is set a little backward on the head.

•  Mouth - They have strong teeth and jaws with a regular, perfect, and complete scissor bite.

•  Tail - Their wagging tail is the most distinctive feature. It is thicker towards the base and tapers towards the tip. It is medium-length, thickly clothed around the dense, short coat, and free from feathering. It is also referred to as the otter tail.

Visit Three Bears Labradors and find the best lab to take back home.